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Ok, but...

It was pretty good animation. I would add an eplosion sound effect. Also, the bullet was nowhere near fast enough. Other than that, good job.


Few things:

1. There was really nothing there. The animation was choppy, and the fact that it's picture animation only made it worse.

2. There should be a seizure warning on this. Honestly, an epileptic could die from this.

3. To all reading this review: The Review Crew pick isn't picked by a "Review Crew." It is merely the title of the award given to the flash with the best review score.

Great job!

I loved it, it was hilarious! The only problem with it was that you have to hit the play button on the Newgrounds preloader to get to the menu. I would have made an automatic play. Anyway, great job, can't wait for part 2!


Animation wise it was OK. There wasn't a joke really though. It's a start though. Maybe integrate this into a future flash. Oh, and one more thing. There was no visible rim on the basketball net, so next time be a bit more detailed. Good luck in the future.


First of all, I have to get this out of the way, I completly disagree with your opinion. I would tell you why, but this is a review, so if you want a debate, PM me or start a topic in the BBS and tell me when you do. Anyway, on to the actual animation. I can tell you put effort into it, but I must say that the actual animation wasn't too good. The greater part of it was simply a barage of pictures. What little self-drawn parts there were wern't drawn very well. I could see the effort, so I gave you 2 stars, but in the future, if you want to really convey your message, try some more self-drawn parts. While they weren't well drawn now, I see some potential, and with practice they could become pretty good. Your style is pretty experimental as you said, but you should do some more experimenting with it and really perfect it. Good luck with the rest of your movies, and hopefully I'll get that PM from you soon.

This was pretty good

Good job for a first submission. It wasn't really too funny, but I could see how it could be. I don't know why you got turd of the week, usually the turd is completly horrible, like worse than Chinaman Cool. Congrats on making a great first flash. You have potential, you just need to work on the jokes/plot.


This is really great stick animation, honestly! Only a few things you need to work on:
1. Get a preloader. This is really easy, at the top of the site, there's a link to downloads (small ones between chat and help), in them is preloader. Download one you like and open it in flash. The instructions are all in it from there.
2.At one part, the black flashes were off a little.
3. Either get a replay button or start it over from the preloader.
4. Put in some sound effects, I think it would really better the flash.
Other than those few things, you're doing a great job. It's one of the best I've ever seen. I gave you a 4 for those 4 reasons, but 5's are not to far away. Once again, great job!


It was great! I really liked it. Oh, and congradulations, best all time! You should be really proud.


I really liked it. Good animation, good song. But it took me about 5 repeats to relize it was a loop.


You could possibly make this into a game too! I really liked it!

Rutger responds:

Good idea! Maybe I'll do! :D

Hey, everyone. I'm a student by day, animator/musician by night. I've made some pretty good movies, feel free to watch and vote. Rock on!

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