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Ok, but...

It was pretty good animation. I would add an eplosion sound effect. Also, the bullet was nowhere near fast enough. Other than that, good job.


Few things:

1. There was really nothing there. The animation was choppy, and the fact that it's picture animation only made it worse.

2. There should be a seizure warning on this. Honestly, an epileptic could die from this.

3. To all reading this review: The Review Crew pick isn't picked by a "Review Crew." It is merely the title of the award given to the flash with the best review score.

Great job!

I loved it, it was hilarious! The only problem with it was that you have to hit the play button on the Newgrounds preloader to get to the menu. I would have made an automatic play. Anyway, great job, can't wait for part 2!

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Good job

I really liked this game. There is just one problem, and that's that the how music stops when you miss a note. It would be a lot easier if the song kept going, but a mess-up sound happened over it. I found it very hard to play when the music stopped. Other than that, great job!

Good, but...

It was very good, but there was a bug in the room with the upper left corner's sides covered in carpet, the noise still went up even though I was on carpet. Other than that, good job.

this was pretty good

the style of playing was pretty fun, but i would have liked to done something in the final battle scene. also, the soundtrack rocked. all in all it was a good submission.

Blakant responds:

Okay, rlly appreciate for u to be the first to Review this game for me.
Hope u can ask ur frend to play it & review it more? =P

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i like it

i wouldnt really classify it as metal with the techno overtones and whatnot. but it is good nonetheless.

Gorekiller responds:

It's not too techno-ish but I think you're right. Thanks for the review !

Hey, everyone. I'm a student by day, animator/musician by night. I've made some pretty good movies, feel free to watch and vote. Rock on!

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