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First Flash and Post

2007-12-08 00:13:15 by marcher138

Well, my first flash made it through judgement, I'm really happy about it. I still have to make some improvments, but at least I know I'm good enough for the site. Check it out if you haven't yet, it's called "The REAL Revalations," it's a flash about how the end of days will really happen.

As for personal life, its been weird. As some of you may know, my girlfriend and I got into a fight, and she kinda broke up with me. Today, though, she started talking to me, and she said "It's not like I don't love you, but I don't think we can be together because you don't listen." To me, that means hope. So, I made a "contract" type thing that says we can get back together, and every time I don't listen, she or one of her friends can kick me in the nuts. Every time I don't listen, she can kick me another extra time, like the first only one kick, the second two kicks, and so on. Hopefully it won't only give her incentive to get back with me, but it'll give me incentive to listen to her. Honestly, I would take a thousand kicks to the nuts for her.

I'm going to my school's football game tomorrow, they're undefeated and this is the state championship. They better win. I'm also headed to the Ravens-Colts game on Sunday with the Ravens Marching Band (I play cymbals). Christmas is coming up soon, and I hope everything works out by then, and maybe I can post a Christmas flash too. Well, I'm going to bed now, its past midnight on the 7th-8th. Rock on!


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2007-12-08 01:41:58

About what I said earlier:

I honestly did not like that movie. Here's why:
1. You could add some music to it, especially when they battle.
2. You could improve the graphics just a little bit, animation was decent though.
3. You suck>No, u suck>NO< U SUCK... speaks for itself.

Bad, but I've seen worse.

I honestly did not know it was one of your first flashes (I should've read your comment), so I take everything back and will give it a 10/10 tomorrow because you deserve it for putting a lot of effort into it and it certainly IS very good considering it's one of your first. Keep it up, and don't let other people like me bring you down. Cheers.